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EMS Advantage

Our mission is to be the industry leader in merchant services by providing an innovative suite of business solutions, a high level of quality service, and having professional, dedicated employees that increase the financial well-being of our clients. Our employees and clients receive the same concern, respect and caring attitude.

The company was founded by providing high quality payment processing services and support to traditional retail merchants. EMS has expanded its focus to offer a variety of eCommerce payment solutions so that merchants can benefit from online commerce. Additionally, EMS has developed a gift and loyalty card program that will assist the small to mid-sized merchant in growing the value of their customer base.

EMS merchants receive unparalleled service that has been the foundation of our payment processing organization for around-the-clock authorizations. You can depend on our 24-hour help desk to assist you at any time of the day or night. Your satisfaction is our priority.

We develop customized applications to work in conjunction with your objectives to increase profitability. We service thousands of retail, mail order, Internet, home-based and start-up businesses nationwide. We have solutions for businesses in all stages of growth, giving you an important advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace.

EMS continues to drive the payment processing industry through a vast array of customized services and innovative products. We process and safeguard many types of electronic payment transactions including all major credit cards, debit cards, EBT, stored-value, and electronic check services.



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