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About Us

About Us

EMS merchants receive unparalleled service that has been the foundation of our payment processing organization for around-the-clock authorizations. You can depend on our 24-hour help desk to assist you at any time of the day or night. Your satisfaction is our priority. We develop customized applications to work in conjunction with your objectives to increase profitability. We service thousands of retail, mail order, Internet, home-based and start-up businesses nationwide. We have solutions for businesses in all stages of growth, giving you an important advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace.

EMS Can Help You Increase Sales

Our ultimate goal is to bring you more customers, increase your sales volume, and most of all, increase your profits. Every day you do business without electronic card processing is a day you miss out on a significant business-building opportunity. There are unsurpassed benefits when Electronic Merchant Systems provides your payment services. You have a lot to gain by accepting credit cards.
Providing convenient payment methods for your customers is important to the survival of your business. To remain competitive, attract more customers and generate more sales, partner with an industry leader: Electronic Merchant Systems.


With EMS you will increase sales potential, improve cash flow and cut collection costs. When you accept credit cards, you eliminate mistakes in cash handling and reduce the risk of non-collectable checks. Your customers will have the freedom to make impulse purchases and the ability to purchase more. You will attract more customers and gain the loyalty of new customers by accepting credit cards as a payment option.



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